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Pretty and Grandma the guinea pigs enjoy a lettuce lunch
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Permaculture Techniques - Useful Animals in a Permaculture System

Useful Animal Information and Resources
  • 'Poultry Breeders Directory' 1989 Meg Miller & Julie Riley Night Owl Publishers PO Box 764 Shepparton 3630.
  • 'Microlivestock' 1991 National Academy Press, Washington DC USA
  • 'Earthworm' 1985 Southern Horticulture
    'Frog Facts No 2' The F.A.T.S. Group PO Box A2405 Sydney Sth 2000
  • 'Exotic Alternatives' 1992 Edited by Jan Knox Gordon Technical College, Geelong, Victoria
  • Native Bees Tom Carter
  • Australian Herpetological Society Inc PO Box R79, Royal Exchange, Sydney NSW 2000
  • Miniature Australian Pigs B Doggett PO Box 3613 Yarra Junction 3797
  • Alpacas N&K Clymo Lot 2 Dog Trap Rd Durimbah 2258
  • Australian Alpaca Ass. Inc. PO Box 464 Brentford Square 3131
  • 'Give Your Dog A Bone' Dr Ian Billinghurst PO Box 703 Lithgow 2790
  • 'Birds On Farms' Geoff Barrett
    RAOU Head Office 415 Riversdale Rd Hawthorn East Vic 3123
  • Reln Worm Factory.
  • Worms Are Us 404 Goodwood Rd Cumberland Park SA 5041
  • 'The Freshwater Yabby' NSW Agriculture Agfacts 1991
  • Yabby Growers Assoc. RMB N529 Ballarat 3350
    Geese: Maurie Roberts, 'Twin Pines' Williams Rd Barkersvale NSW 2474
  • 'Australasian Poultry' (mag) Poultry Information Publishers PO Box 198 Wirribee Vic 3030
  • 'New Faces' (Turtles) By Robin Stewart pub. by Agmedia
  • Aquaculture: Andriska Aquatic Acacia Ostriches Lot 9 Anglevale Rd Hillier
  • Glenside Ostrich Farm Gumeracha
  • Soc. Of Pheasants & Waterfowl SA 29 Clarence Ave Netherby
  • 'Getting Started In Aquaculture' Freshwater Engineering PO Box 23 Avalon 2107
  • Wormwide Books PO Box 603(G) Mooloolaba 4557

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photos of the ever changing view of the coast from our living room window
Our ever-changing view!
Moonset ~ Roll Cloud ~ Sunset

permaculture ethics
care for earth,
care for people,
return surplus,
reduce consumption

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