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About the Paine Family

Beverley grew up in the suburbs but escaped to the country as soon as she could and have stayed there ever since! Owning a small farm was always a childhood dream, as was becoming an author. Goal setting, even from a tender age, gets results!
Her family arrived in Australia from Portsmouth, England in 1963, at the age of four. As a migrant she keenly feels the loss of ancestral roots and knowledge and is endeavouring to carve new roots to nurture my descendants. She feels that a permaculture lifestyle offers that kind of stability.
Beverley began writing seriously articles for home education newsletters and altenative lifestyle magazines such as the Permaculture Institute Journal and Home Farmer about eight years ago. She is at the typewriter doing something - anything - every day! Her young adult science fiction novel, The Chimaera Conspiracy was published in 2002 by Greater Glider Productions and is available from Always Learning Books . Her other great passion is permaculture and gardening. She's in her mid-forties, has three wonderfully supportive children, and an ace of a partner. Life simply couldn't be any better...

Robin is the ultimate Mr Fix-it. He's a superb handyman. Taking on building a house at the age of 20 didn't daunt him - it's in his blood. His parents built their house in England when he was still a toddler. Robin emmigrated in 1966 at age eight and remembers seeing the Pyramids.
Like Beverley he grew up in Elizabeth, but had lived in a country town in England and knew urban life wasn't for him. Their first house, on half an acre in pictaresque Springton, was passive solar but was designed and built before Robin realised his passion for alternative technologies. Nonetheless it was a very energy efficient house, with double brick and stone walls, ceiling and wall insulation and a north facing aspect.
Robin's ambition is to fully develop our current property to it's permaculture potential and to be able to cut down on his working hours off the property and spend more time at home.

April , our eldest, has left the nest and, like many country kids, has moved to the city to study and work. She has finally found a house to rent on a huge block with a lovely garden full of fruit trees, flowering plants, roses, with lots of space for Tiger and Callie, her adored dogs, to play and chase balls.

Roger and Thomas are determined to remain in the country and look set to continue living on our four acres. Roger works with his dad at Mitre 10, which is appropriate as both are pretty good handymen. Thomas graduated as a home ed student last year and for now, concentrates on fixing up his Subaru Brumby and working on his website. He picks up the odd computer trouble shooting job and rebuilds computers for sale. Their hobbies include looking after the pets (about 100 collective geese, chikens, ducks, pigeons and guinea pigs) trail-bike riding; computing and following the Australian and the Rally Championships.




photos of the ever changing view of the coast from our living room window
Our ever-changing view!
Moonset ~ Roll Cloud ~ Sunset

permaculture ethics
care for earth,
care for people,
return surplus,
reduce consumption

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