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Great Offer from Natural Life: my favourite alternative education and lifestyle magazine

Everyone needs heroes, people who inspire them and show them that with enough grit and determination almost anything is possible. Canadian homeschooling mum Wendy Priesnitz is one of mine.

She started homeschooling her girls about a decade before I began our wonderful home education adventure. At around about the same time she became involved in publishing and politics, working hard to create a better social and ecological environment, not only for her children, but for the children of the world both now and into the future.

I know what it takes to educate your children at home and pursue with passion your life interests beyond the family nest. It's sheer hard work, most of the time frustrating as change often comes incrementally. You have to look hard to see it sometimes!

Wendy and her husband Rolf produce a fantastic magazine that continues to inspire and remind me that my goals, although lofty, are achievable. Natural Life is one of my favourite reads.

Natural Life is offering a 2 for 1 subscription until the end of November. You can buy (new or renewal) one subscription and get another one for free. This is a great idea for holiday gifting - particularly (for us oldies out there) for young parents just starting out and wondering about the many paths ahead.

Details about this great offer can be found here:




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