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Dealing with Foxes
November 30th, 2002

Our biggest bugbear at the moment is foxes. We've lost too many chooks and ducks, all of them pets, in the last few months to a wily fox that's learned to a climb six foot high floppy wire fence, push through bird netting, climb trees, squeeze through small holes and so on. In previous years we've used baits from the council, but they've stopped doing there's supposedly a chance that dogs might get the bait instead. It seems dogs are more important pets than chickens and ducks.

We've retrofitted the poultry yard and it now boasts wire buried for a couple of feet on the outside and a chicken wire roof (which meant cutting down shade and roosting trees in the yard much to the birds' disgust). We can't free range anymore as the fox doesn't keep regular hours - we've had daytime attacks too. All the time we had surplus rabbits the fox didn't bother us, but mixi has knocked the bulk of the rabbits off and the fox is hungry again.

The fox took our young rooster, who was in line to take over from Chook Chook, our aging silky bantam cross we got from another permie about ten years ago (just how long does a chook live?). When he dies, which we hope isn't too soon, we'll be looking for a replacement, preferably something small, like he is.





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