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Shop in the Garden
December 29th, 2002

I realised, as I watered my vegetable garden this morning, that I'm going to have to change the way I think about meals if I want to truly learn how to garden properly.

Every year as the weather warms up and the soil dries out and the garden slowly gives up it's last gasp of vitality my enthusiasm for gardening dives into a dizzying spin. If it wasn't for some timely and comforting words from permaculture friends this week I think I would've given up gardening altogether.

I caught myself wondering as I splashed water on the mulch surrounding the towering asparagus fronds how other people remembered to pick the spears when young and tender. The answer came quick - stop looking in the cupboard or on the kitchen bench (we don't have a fridge) for lunch or munchies: trek out to the garden and browse or pick! It's that simple. Take my hunger pangs outside. It would also eliminate my desire to eat processed food from the shop... another step toward better health and a vote against the multinational food companies...

This could be the focus of a New Year's resolution... who knows? It sounds easy, but I've been down the "it's looks easy path" before and I know it's going to be a hard discipline to learn, especially for me. At least I've conquered stage one - recognition of the problem and visualisation of an effective solution. I've long suspected that the only way to truly digest permaculture principles and integrate them into my life will be through my stomach!




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