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Renewed Energy for Networking
January 24th, 2004

As usual, I've broken my promise to keep the diary up to date - sorry about that. Like all permies we've been busy. The garden took a back seat too, while I concentrated on my TAFE studies in professional writing and worked on new home education titles - that's a new website too... I've started a mail order bookshop concentrating on unschooling and natural learning books for home education families. It's a great idea - one long overdue - and I'm having a ball.

That has rekindled my energy into home ed networking - something I've always had a hand in, but have neglected lately as my children move into early adult life. It seemed silly going on excursions or camps without children, but last year a new, enthusiastic bunch of homeschoolers inspired me to get back into it, and once again I'm having a ball. One of the main reasons is because I am able to combine my love of permaculture and home education and meld my experience in both fields to benefit both areas...

To this end, Robin and I are opening up Bungala Ridge Permaculture Gardens as a Natural Learning Resource Centre... cool, eh? :-) We're cleaning up the cabin and will be offering workshops for children and parents, with an emphasis on creativity and fun. Plus we're hoping to get some interest in what we're doing here - all those things permies usually do.

Craig and Sharon are busy on the block below us creating their permaculture heaven and we feel real lucky to have them as neighbours. Yankalilla is definitely becoming a permie place to be!

The garden finally got the attention it needed and is looking great. I'm only gardening about a quarter of the vegie garden, due to the fact that it's way too huge for our needs at present. I can manage that amount, what with all the watering in the nursery and flower beds as well. I wouldn't be without my yearly dose of baby plants and I've found that if I don't have colour in my garden I'm just not a happy person! We bought two geese with five goslings in tow to add to our so far non-breeding pair, mothered a wild Pacific black duck until old enough to fly away, and our new rooster Eucalyptus has given Scratchy the very old hen two little chicks to plague her! Meanwhile we're concentrating on getting our guinea pig stocks up again after not bothering for so many years - we're down to just three. I miss seeing dozens of the happy critters wandering around...

Everything has grown so much. A bushfire not to far from home gave us a scare, and since then we've trimming and mulching prunings ever since. We didn't really plan adequately for catastrophe - DON'T make this mistake on your property!! Retrofitting is fine, but a bit of forethought is much better. I'll upload some more pictures soon.... promise. Until then, have a great start to 2004! 



photos of the ever changing view of the coast from our living room window
Our ever-changing view!
Moonset ~ Roll Cloud ~ Sunset

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