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Save the Wilderness
Easy, achievable action

Humanity doesn't seem to have any qualms about utilising the wild resources of the planet. Sustainability is still only a buzzword, poorly understood. I believe we must cease harvesting wild food and eat only farmed products. I've stopped eating fish taken from the sea, and am seeking organic, farmed fish from local sources. I've stopped eating kangaroo that's culled from the wild, and am investigating where herbs and indigenous vegetables are sourced.

Farming of previously wild harvested food creates sustainable employment. This needs to be encouraged.

Why stop at food? Why not use only 'farmed' resources, like timber? Use plantation timbers instead of wild and old growth forests? This is already a common practice, but we need to follow it through in all our actions during each and every day. For instance, what kind of printing paper or photocopying paper do you use? Is it wild harvested? Ask these questions as often as you can.

Begin to recycle everything... use and reuse what we already have. Let's stop mining the planet, stipping it of our wild places, plants and creatures...

Perhaps it sounds too bizarre, too much of a daydream, silly really. And far too huge, too impossible to implement on a planetary scale. So why not start small? It's easy. It's a matter of choice - choose sustainable. Choose farmed. Today.

Do something that will begin the massive halt to harvesting the wildlife and wild resources from our planet. Begin to manage our growth and development sustainably.

Leave precious wild places, wild living things, alone.




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permaculture ethics
care for earth,
care for people,
return surplus,
reduce consumption

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