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Permaculture Gifts

Wrap gifts in reuseable materials such as bags or teatowels.

Gifts for Children ~ Gifts for People and the Planet

Gifts for Children

  • packet of seeds and small terracotta pot
  • coloured pencils in a decorated recycled tin
  • biscuit cutters, small rolling pin and playdough recipe
  • basket or jar of small, similar sized pebbles from beach for counting
  • small tin with sewing needs in
  • balls of left over wool and crochet hook or knitting needles
  • make a pack of cards (for matching, happy families type games)
  • make dominoes either from plywood or stiff card - animal, clock, number
  • pretty scrunchies from silky materials
  • decorated container of all types of balloons with lid, or jar
  • packet of sparklers
  • personalised calico library or shopping bag
  • origami instructions and coloured construction paper to suit
  • small basket of interesting shells from beach (collect your own rather than buy harvested ones - that practice is causing extinctions on reefs around the world!)
  • small teddies ($1 from Cheap as Chips) with homemade clothes
  • fridge magnets made from pom poms, pipe cleaners, etc, or a boxed kit to make them
  • finger puppets or a boxed kit to make them
  • small squares of felt, cotton and odd bits of lace, etc, instructions to make finger puppets
  • bunch of flowers, or small posy
  • voucher for promised work to be done by person giving voucher!
  • snakes and ladders game, other simply made board games
  • home made paper and envelopes
  • decorated art folder
  • necklace or other jewellery made from seeds
  • bead stringing kit - collect wooden beads and add thin plastic tubing, string or thread and embroidery needle
  • a packet of material squares or useful oddments of material left over from sewing box for making dolls clothes and dressups
  • home made playdough, in various colours, in small recycled clear plastic containers
  • a personalised stationary set using a desktop publishing program on the computer
  • a personalised calendar using a desktop publishing program on the computer
  • a photograph frame made from any materials, with or without photo
  • home made soaps, gift wrapped in cellophane in a small box or basket
  • a jar of home made or favourite sweets or biscuits tied with a ribbon
  • home made preserves in a decorated jar or container with a personalised label
  • a knitted scarf, or beanie or gloves in a neutral or favourite colour
  • a small decorated box of small, inexpensive toys or items that is sure to bring your friend a lot of joy
  • a dream catcher - decorated with leaves and feathers, small beads, etc
  • a small rag doll
  • a kit for making old fashioned clothes peg people, with every thing needed to complete them
  • small worry dolls, or a worry doll hair clip
  • a small 'treasures bag' made from exotic and luxurious material, with a drawstring
  • recycled toys (repainted bicycle, trike, scooter, rocking horse) - use safe paints, preferable organic paint products
  • homemade cushions and bean bags with environmentally friendly safe stuffing
  • a wooden loom and natural fabrics for weaving
  • a dolls or action figures tent made of recycled fabrics and stakes.
  • Science series books by David Suzuki
  • a homemade backyard swing or tree house, a rope climbing aparatus. a small gardening kit, tools and seed
  • wooden or cane furniture
  • roller skates or bicycles to encourage energy efficient travel
  • recycled or re-used paper fastened as a book
  • craft books
  • weather proof boots
  • pets such as ducklings and hens, guinea pigs or rabbit in hutch to mow the lawn

Gifts for People and the Planet

  • a potted Christmas tree, that can be planted out after Christmas - this could be a native pine.
  • a packet of seeds
  • subscription to a seed saving group, soft technology magazines, rare fruits association etc
  • install a compost bay
  • worm farm made from found materials such as waste polystrene boxes a non disposable lunch kit with a thermos or drink bottle, lunch box with separate compartments so no wrap is required, cloth serviettes
  • a real razor not a disposable one
  • underarm deodorising rock salt crystal
  • a fountain pen
  • a cup to carry everywhere
  • cloth nappies
  • energy saving shower head
  • walking shoes
  • an eco-tour
  • garden tools
  • books on organic gardening, composting, hers and flowers, native species
  • field guides on birds and local reptiles
  • a garden pond with optional solar powered fountain
  • a fruit dryer
  • a yoghurt maker
  • rechargeable batteries with re-charger
  • a tent and small, efficient camping equipment - to encourage clean bush walking and adventure
  • natural wool or angora sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves, socks.
  • Handkerchiefs or cloth serviettes instead of paper tissues.
  • handmade baskets, washing baskets, paper waste containers, pot plant containers, picnic baskets.
  • canvas string or cane shopping bags, ham bag
  • potted kitchen herbs in organic medium
  • edible house plants such as sugar cane for hot spots, mint, shallots, monstera vine.
  • a basket of homemade ecologically sound cleansers
  • cosmetics and toiletries made from natural ingredients and not tested on animals
  • Gift voucher for nursery plants or environmental products and courses.
  • beeswax candles
  • Homemade preserves
  • hand-painted recycled glassware
  • Organic Christmas Cake
  • a homemade Christmas wreath of grapevine and other home grown materials
  • Blankets (cotton or wool) suitable for the lounge and living areas




photos of the ever changing view of the coast from our living room window
Our ever-changing view!
Moonset ~ Roll Cloud ~ Sunset

permaculture ethics
care for earth,
care for people,
return surplus,
reduce consumption

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