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Some days I find it hard to get anything done. One of this afternoon's activities was to measure up for a hot tub we're planning on building. I'm desperate for a hot tub having spent many hours soaking in hot springs on our recent holiday in New Zealand. In fact, you could say we hopped from one hot spring to another down both islands!

Trouble is, while we were measuring up in the pergola where we're going to put it I noticed a blue wren and his lady ducking in and out of a nearby bush. They have a nest in there and are feeding young. A rather anxious blackbird was hovering around too - his lady is sitting on a nest in my elk-horn fern hanging in the pergola. We were only feet away from her measuring up and she was looking a tad worried. So the whole 'build the hot tub' project is off until the baby birds have flown the nest. Not sure how long that will be!

Gotta love nature. We are totally rapt with our place. Yesterday Robin picked up 'Bluey'. He swears it is the same blue tongue lizard (not the shingleback variety) that we see every year but it is probably one of about five. Won't be long before we see our first brown snake of the season, but that's not a problem, unless it is a very close encounter!
Our place buzzes with wildlife. Early this morning Robin disturbed two kangaroos, one of them very small - probably a preteen - on the driveway by the lawn. Living here is a delight!

We are very blessed to live in such a wildlife haven. It wasn't always like this. Our property was once a sheep paddock infested with feral olive trees and wild rose bushes. The hundreds of plants we've planted we grew from seed or cuttings and nurtured into the complex eco-system we enjoy today, buzzing with life at every level.

Watching the box last night we were disturbed by an article about the demise of the Great Barrier Reef. The frustrated scientist has been telling Australians since 1994 about the effect of climate change on the reef. No one was listening, not for the first ten years... We were. We were planting trees and understorey and creating habitat for frogs and lizards and bees and ants and so much more than simply humans...

Before the last federal election I joined Get Up because I felt that the previous government had their collective heads in the sand. Today, Get Up sent me an email asking to sign a petition. Signing petitions just about sums up my involvement with Get Up. The team at Get Up make it really easy to have a say... And it only takes a few seconds.

The following blurb is from their website:
Actually from this page(chances by the time you are reading this the page will be long gone):

"The past twelve months have seen the Rudd government ratify the Kyoto Protocol, countries come together to move forward United Nations climate negotiations and groups like GetUp wage a national campaign here in Australia for strong carbon pollution reduction targets. The Government commissioned the Garnaut report on climate change, which found that the economic cost of not acting on climate change is far greater than the cost of taking early action to reduce emissions. But Kevin Rudd is yet to decide on his target to reduce Australia's carbon pollution by 2020. GetUp is running a campaign - with this petition at the centre - in these last crucial weeks."

I want my grandkids to snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef. I want them to go outside and catch lizards and frogs and watch the joeys feed on our lawn. Help me realise this dream and do something, anything, to give nature a chance. Even if you think global warming is a lot of hooha, please think about the other critters we have to share the planet with... It's easy living with nature and it's absolutely wonderful!





photos of the ever changing view of the coast from our living room window
Our ever-changing view!
Moonset ~ Roll Cloud ~ Sunset

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